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Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is the largest unit in the East Ridge Police Department. These shifts are responsible for answering calls for service, routine patrol, traffic enforcement, and crash investigation, as well as a commitment to the protection of life and property, and the preservation of law and order. The Patrol Division maintains both fast response times and a deterrent to crime.

The Patrol Division maintains the Reserve Police Officer program.

Patrol Shift Commanders: 
The police department maintains a Reserve Police Officer program. Their responsibilities include accompanying full-time police officers on patrol, assisting in the prevention and detection of crime and acting as court officers in East Ridge City Court. The unit also provides security at special events, such as July 4th celebrations and the annual Christmas parade. They also provide extra manpower during Christmas holidays.

The Reserve Police Officers play an important part in the community, volunteering their time and services for special events and training. Reserve officers attend mandatory state approved annual
in-service training and monthly reserve training programs.

The Canine Unit currently consists of one officer/canine team. The team is trained in the detection of narcotics, as well as patrol and tracking. The handler and canine have received extensive training in the detection of narcotics, including, but not limited to, marijuana and cocaine. The handler has received training in the appropriate case law involved in canine searches of vehicles for narcotics.

The team has also been trained in building searches for suspects, as well as the protection of the handler. The canine team is a valuable tool in the department's fight against crime and drugs. The canine team is a part of the special operations division. 

The School Resource Officer is a full-time police officer that is assigned to East Ridge High School and Middle School during the school year. This officer has received specialized training in conflict management and resolution, as well as providing a police service in an educational environment.

The SRO provides a law enforcement resource for faculty, parents and students, addressing specific problems or concerns, providing a variety of educational and crime prevention presentations to students and faculty.

East Ridge High School SRO: Hal Duncan,