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Fire Prevention Tips

East Ridge Fire Rescue is very active in both fire prevention and public education activities. Firefighters conduct fire safety and pre-fire plan inspections in every commercial occupancy twice a year.

The Fire Inspector follows up and corrects any fire code violations found.

The Fire Prevention Division also inspects every school, daycare and healthcare facility in the City and inspects new and existing buildings and issues certificates of occupancy. We are very proud to report that East Ridge has a very good fire and life loss record.

We are the only fire department in the State of Tennessee to receive the National Life Safety Achievement Award nine times! This national award is based on a department's fire prevention and public education programs and life loss record. 

East Ridge Fire Rescue has begun a program to install smoke alarms in certain high risk areas citywide.  The State of Tennessee ranks among the highest in the United States for fire related fatalities. In an attempt to reduce those numbers The Tennessee State Fire Marshal’s Office received a Federal Grant for 20,000 smoke alarms to be distributed state wide.

In conjunction with the State Fire Marshal’s Office the East Ridge Fire Rescue Department and East Ridge Fire Marshal’s Office has partnered with local civic organizations to conduct free residential smoke alarm installations.

East Ridge Fire Rescue is very active in fire prevention and public education efforts. The department has been awarded the National Life Safety Achievement Award for thirteen separate years.  East Ridge is ranked in the top 2% of fire departments nationwide by the Insurance Services Office.    

Anyone that needs a smoke alarm installed please contact East Ridge Fire Rescue at (423) 867-7100.

Consumer Product Safety Commission - Smoke Alarms - Why, Where, and Which? (CPSC Pub. 559)
- Information regarding smoke alarms  reviews and rates Home Security Systems. This resource provides useful information about components, scope and options for many of the available Security Systems.