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Fire Rescue

The Mission of the East Ridge Fire Rescue Department is to provide a selfless organization of people who hold devotion to duty above personal risk, who count sincerity of service above personal comfort and convenience, and who strive unceasingly to find better ways of protecting the lives, homes and property of their fellow citizens.

Honesty - in both our leadership and our employees, leading to the highest level of trustworthiness.
Integrity - in our dealings with each other and those we serve, always adhering to a sound code of moral and ethical conduct.
Teamwork - as we believe that availing ourselves of each person’s talent enhances the services we deliver and that cooperation improves our relationships.
Commitment to Excellence - demonstrates itself through consistent professionalism, pride, and a positive attitude.
Knowledge - as it forms the foundation for effective decisions, actions, and increased safety.
Respect - for each person as an individual, an attitude that recognizes the worth of others and exhibits compassion for those in need.

The members of the East Ridge Fire Rescue Department:
  • Strive to be role models in the community and leaders in our profession.
  • Will be accountable to those we serve, each other and any fire service organizations we interact with.
  • Are committed to providing the best public service through innovative training, education and equipment.
  • Will take the fire rescue department into the future through productive teamwork, open and honest communications and participative decision-making throughout the organization.
  • Are committed to our values, mission, and dedicated to our fire service profession.
  • Continuing education through  fire prevention to protect the lives, homes and property of our fellow citizens
Our organization is driven to provide a cost effective and efficient fire rescue department while honoring our values, accomplishing our mission and achieving our goals.

Fire Rescue Department 

East Ridge Fire Rescue is currently rated an ISO class 2 and this ranks us in the top 2% of all fire departments nationwide! The East Ridge Fire Rescue is one of the busiest departments in the State of Tennessee. The department responds to more fire and rescue alarms than any other suburban department in the state for its size.
East Ridge firefighters operate out of two fire stations strategically located in both the east and west districts of the city. Our Station One is located at 4214 Ringgold Road and our Station Two is located at 1410 St. Thomas Street.

A recent study revealed that we respond to twice as many calls, for almost half the cost, as any similarly sized department in the state. East Ridge Fire Rescue is a full service agency and responds to any incident that threatens a citizen's life or property. We respond to fires, medical emergencies, traffic accidents, hazardous materials incidents, floods and water rescues.

The department has been honored as the only fire department in Tennessee to receive the Life Safety Achievement Award from the International Association of Fire Chiefs, the National Association of State Fire Marshals and the United States Fire Administration for 13 different years. This is based on public education and fire prevention programs and no loss of life from fires.

The department is made up of both career and volunteer members. We have 21 Career Firefighters and 15 Volunteer Firefighters. Paid duty crews man the equipment seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day, augmented by the volunteer members. All members, paid and volunteer are trained to the same levels and have the same career paths.

During major incidents, volunteers and off duty paid personnel respond to the fire stations to provide manpower for the event, or to stand by in case of multiple calls for service. The department hires career fire fighters from the available pool of volunteers, insuring continuity of training and compatibility with the current work force.
Fire Chief Mike Williams, a 30-year veteran
of the fire service, provides administrative
direction and leadership for all Fire Department
functions, operations and personnel through the
supervision of staff and reports to the City Manager                                        
Deputy Chief Mike Flynn, a 34-year veteran of
the fire service, supervises all day-to-day
operations for the Fire Department and reports
to the Fire Chief.


East Ridge Fire Rescue
4214 Ringgold Road
East Ridge, TN 37412
(423) 867-7100 (Office)
(423) 622-1725 (Non-emergency)