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The Administration Department is located inside City Hall. Regular business hours are 8:00a.m. to 4:30 p.m. EST Monday thru Friday, holidays excepted. Call (423) 867-7711 or stop by City Hall at the Receptionist's Desk and ask to speak to someone in Administration Services for any issues related to City Administration, Finances or Human Resources. 

Administration Services refer to those that are directly managed at City Hall. They include Finance and Human Resources and are directly supervised by the City Manager. For more information on those departments, please click on their department names or search under the Departments section of our website.  

East Ridge City Hall​
1517 Tombras Avenue
East Ridge, TN 37412
(423) 867-7711

Chris Dorsey - City Manager
Kenny Custer- Assistant City Manager
Diane Qualls - Finance Director
Trish Perry - Human Resources Manager
Janet Middleton - City Recorder
Ashley Miles - Accounting Clerk
Keena Barnes - Receptionist
Amanda C. W. Bowers - Community Involvement Coordinator