EAST RIDGE, TN – WWTA has commenced rehabilitating the aging sewer pipe lines of Basin 10. This $7million project consists of evaluating the current conditions of the sewer lines and repairing any damaged pipes.
WWTA estimates that approximately 22,000 linear feet of existing 6 to 18-inch pipes will be replaced through several different methods, depending on location. Those methods include cured-in-placed pipe, pipe bursting and open cut replacement, the method of which people are most familiar.
Included in this project are approximately 460 connections of service laterals to sewer lines (connections from buildings to main sewer line), as well as repairing 1,800 vertical feet of manholes in the area. Work is expected to last until approximately February 2019.
The City will publish information as to streets affected, maps, etc. when it becomes available to the website and social media pages.