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Business License

All businesses operating in the City of East Ridge must obtain a local business license when conducting business in the city limits of East Ridge.

Ashley Rearden processes and maintains business license applications for potential new business owners in East Ridge. If you have questions, please contact Ashley at 423-867-7711 or email to

Click for the Business License Application

Print it out and submit it to:

     Business License
     ATTN: Ashley Rearden
     1517 Tombras Avenue
     East Ridge, TN 37412

Click for the Business License Codes for the application above.

SOLICITOR'S PERMIT - for door-to-door sales

Pursuant to Ordinance No. 978, all solicitors going door-to-door must obtain a Solicitor's Permit. You may go to City Hall to fill out the Solicitor's Permit application, or print the applicaiton, fill it out and and bring it to City Hall. Contact Ashley Rearden at 423-867-7711 or for more information.